Like LOVE, LEGO is a four letter word

Like LOVE, LEGO is a four letter word

Glen FreddoOct 28, '20
Glen, from the Premium Dad Jokes Team, ventured forth onto Tinder, to try his luck with the ladies.

This was his first attempt: "Looking for a married woman, recently cheated on, mad and scorned, who is willing to sell her husbands LEGO collection for cheap."

The reactions were positive. Plenty of women were swiping right because they found the profile funny, charming and cute. But aside from a few coffee dates there was no LEGO haul to be had.

Enjoying these conversations over coffee, Glen decided that he wanted more than that (as in more coffee catch-ups, not like... you know... more), but there's two things that Tinder won't let you change on your profile, your age (which isn't a problem, and in Glen's case, 100% correct) and your name. Which would be problematic, even with real photos of a man not wearing a costume, who would want to meet up for a "date" with someone whose name rhymed with Dickhead?

A new profile had to be created.

Standby for the next installment of the Tinder Experience & Adventure.

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