Roadtrip 2023: Kicks off in St Louis, Missouri

Roadtrip 2023: Kicks off in St Louis, Missouri

Glen FreddoSep 8, '211 comment

I had a chat with my Premium Dad Jokes page co-conspirator and brought Sam up to speed about this crazy idea of flying over stateside in 2023 and going on a road trip, and Sam is in!

Sam lives in Missouri so that's where we'll kick it off. So lets put a pin in that!

The map is a work in progress. Because I definitely want to stop by Chicago and Los Angeles.

I'll be adding to this list between now and 2023, but this is what we've got so far...

  • Oregon: Andrew Norton is taking me fishing.
  • Tennessee: Jill King Brisbane is going to take me to a game of real hockey.
  • North Carolina:  Bill Phillips, rabbit hunting with beagles.
  • Florida:  Christine Nicole, stopping by for some home-cooked wings.
  • I assume Ray is in Ohio because I googled "roller coaster capital of the world" and the result is Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio. Ray has promised me a roller coaster ride.
  • Southern Minnesota: Melany Haefs has offered homemade goodies. That includes bacon, so I'm down for that.
  • Alaska: Basil Sands wants to take me mushing with Sled Dogs and catch wild salmon in a river full of bears. He hasn't defined whether they are brown bears, black bears, polar bears or large and often hairy men who project an image of rugged masculinity.

Next blog post I'll start listing all the states to bring some kind of order to this growing list.

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Debra Perry on Sep 20, '21

Myrtle Beach SC come see us at Mozzarella’s in Market Common. Enjoy some great pizza!!

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