The Big Adventure

The Big Adventure

Glen FreddoOct 1, '21
Hello... or as we say in Australia: G'day!

My name is Glen and I am one of the Admins of the Premium Dad Jokes facebook page. And in two years time (2023) I shall be embarking on a big adventure. I'll be visiting every state in the United States of America.

Why in two years time?

The worldwide pandemic should have calmed down by then and also it's going to take that long to organise the trip, as this will be my first and most likely last overseas trip as an adult (I went to Canada when I was 4).

The blog posts are my way of keeping track of the plans as they come together. It's a work in progress, as I get my head around where each state is, the best route to take and also figure out how long it is going to take.

I'd love suggestions posted in the comments for places to visit and things to see. As I get closer to the departure date I'll then do a call out to see who I can catch up with along the way.

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