Part I: Missouri

Part I: Missouri

Glen FreddoOct 1, '212 comments
It'll likely be a direct flight from Sydney (which is 2 hours south of where Glen lives) to Los Angeles (which is 12,066 km north east of Sydney), and then on to Missouri (which is another 2,935 km), because that's where the other half of the Premium Dad Jokes team lives.

That's clocking in at 15,001 km.

Sam has already told Glen that they will be going to:
  • Ruma's Deli
  • Federhofer's Bakery
  • City Museum
  • The Arch
All that sounds good to Glen, who is familiar with the Arch due to it being in the sci-fiction show Defiance.

Glen will be bringing video gear, a Rodecaster (podcasting recording unit), and maybe a few inflatable dinosaur costumes. They'll be packing it all into an RV and heading off to check out a few more sites and sights around Missouri (Glen wants to see the Ozarks, because again, he has seen that in a television show) before they head for the Illinois border.

Suggest other landmarks or establishments to be added to their bucket list in the comments below.

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Steve Madden on Oct 3, '21

It’d be a shame if you missed the Great Migration of the Turkey seen from the rooftop of the Shadowfax Bar in Albany, MO. An annual event that attracts 10’s of , well, 10’s of residents annually.

Tony on Oct 3, '21

Stop and eat at any one of the Italian restaurants on “The Hill”. Get some toasted ravioli!!
Crown candy (as seen on Man vs Food)
Check out Forest Park too.

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