Road Trip 2023!

Road Trip 2023!

Glen FreddoSep 8, '214 comments

Over the last couple of weeks I (Glen) have been dabbling with the FB Live Video feature on the Premium facebook page.

I've been trying different devices (Chromebook, 13 inch laptop, 15-or-so inch laptop, brand new Nokia Android powered smart phone, and so far the 15+ inch laptop (I can't remember how big it is, but it's a Lenovo and is permanently set up with a huge FO monitor, Steinberg audio inputs and a Rodecaster) has been the best quality broadcast out of all my available options.

With zero preparation, I've not just dipped my toes in, I jumped in and some have enjoyed me flailing in the deep end while others have commented "What the hell is this crap?"

Or "Shut up and tell us some jokes!"

There has also been "Oh, so it's not a bot that is posting these jokes" and "OMG, you're Australian!"

I've honestly got no idea what I'm doing, but I got to say, I'm having a lot of fun doing it. And each foray has allowed me to mix things up a bit and try out different ideas.

What's crazy is that Facebook doesn't allow you to do BOTH a web cam feed AND screenshare. But I often approach such challenges with little technical ability and a lot of creative thinking, and I am now doing both. Despite it not being designed to do so. After the initial Droste Effect issue, I have found a nice balance, and I can keep an eye on comments and let people see things like video, images and even do the occasional stalk of a viewers fb profile. Regular viewer Jill is particularly fond of this little "segment" of the show.

A couple of days ago I shared with the viewers that not long after starting the page with Sam (and long before we launched the website) that I had thought that visiting the United States would be a lot of fun, and to visit all 50 states. Initially I had thought that when, or if, we hit 100,000 Likes on the page it would mean I could in the very least, find a few people in each state to catch up with when doing the trip. But then Coronovirus happened. Which was a two-edged sword, it helped us climb to 100,000 Likes quite rapidly, in fact, in 12 months we hit 300,000 likes which in turn prompted us to launch a website, but it also meant that catching a plane over wasn't going to happen any time soon. But 2023 looks achievable.

Given the live aspect of the broadcast, I could get real time feedback. And people thought it would be a great idea, and people pitched ideas and offers (of places they'd take me or things to do).

I'd pick up Sam along the way (Sam is in the US) and we'd be armed with a video camera and also my podcasting unit, so we would capture not only the fun of the trip, but also stories of the people we came across on this adventure.

There is a whole lot more things to discuss as we kick this idea around. Coming up with a catchy name for it will be at the top of my To Do list for the rest of this week.

Stay tuned for more.



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Erik Lee on Oct 3, '21

Have fun and be safe! Make sure you swing by Navarre Beach, FL (just east of Pensacola) for some beach time. If you’re hankering for some good eats, make sure you stop by Shark Bite, Cactus Flower, or Johnny Houston’s. Good luck and look forward to your trip!

George Demers on Oct 3, '21

Hello you are driving right by where I live in Saratoga springs New York we have 17 Springs and a geyser here, and I do history tours, I would love to show you around!

Bill Phillips on Sep 20, '21

Sounds great let’s hear some more

Jareubal Jones on Sep 20, '21

I live in West Virginia. I used to work at the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. Still talk to one of the owners. One part of it is a haunted house in October. I can show you “Wrong Turn” type places, beautiful natural places and more. I live in a small town. Next town over has a small museum with mummies from the Asylum.

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