Embarrassing Dad Moments: Father's wearing inflatable dinosaur costumes

Embarrassing Dad Moments: Father's wearing inflatable dinosaur costumes

Glen FreddoDec 8, '20

Dad's love a practical joke. They also tend to love dinosaurs. So when they have the opportunity to combine the two, you know they're going to jump straight in with both feet.

Here's a bunch of awkward and embarrassing situations courtesy of Premium Dad practical jokers.

1. Daddysaurus meets daughter at school bus stop. Watch the video here.


2. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but that's not stopping this dad from training prehistoric terrible lizards some lightsaber handling techniques. Watch the video here.


3. Premium Dad Jokes DADmin Glen has made it a hobby to embarrass his kids since... almost as soon as they were born. Even as adults it hasn't stopped.


4. The soon-to-be family-of-five's love for Jurassic Park inspired the one-of-a-kind pregnancy announcement photo shoot.  Article.


5. You can walk a dog named Rex under Spain’s coronavirus quarantine rules, but you can’t walk yourself in a T. Rex costume. Even if you believe it's as safe as wearing a hazmat suit. Article.


6. The 'T-Rex gang' take on Santa Claus during suburban raid. Article.


7. This awesome dad takes his daughter everywhere in an inflatable T-rex costume. Article.


8. Another dad wears a dinosaur suit to greet his daughter at school bus stop. Article.


9. T-rex takes up dancing with the Cincinnati Ballet. Article.


10. Not an inflatable t-rex, let alone a dinosaur, but this one has to get an honorable mention because a dad dressed up in a giant inflatable unicorn costume to surprise his sons at the school bus drop-off. Article.

The Inflatable T-REX costume is available through this Amazon #associate link: www.amzn.to/2r1sTAL


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